The agency was born in 2010, after a backyard snowboarding event held for fun by its founder Micah Desforges and his roommates. The success of this informal event and the amazing feedback received was the pillar on which the company was built. Since then, it has evolved as its sponsors’ interests grew for its unique urban vibe, allowing communities to gather around meaningful events.



TRIBU EXPÉRIENTIEL specializes in the design and production of brand experiences tailored to our clients’ needs, for both young people and the young at heart.

Micah Desforges / Founder & CEO

Major Events

Ideation and conception
Communications and PR
Feasibility assessment
Talent management
Ticketing & sponsorship


Content Creation

Social amplification
Video production


Brand Experiences

Marketing stunt
Official opening
Promotional tour
Product launch
Sponsorship activation
Sampling program

Bring Tribu Home

Bring Tribu Home