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We help organizations to enhance their connexions with youth by creating daring experiences.

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The integrated experiences we create generate thrills and chills in a way that people never forget.


People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel

Maya Angelou



We are among those who thrive on adrenaline. We push our limits to feel alive.

We embody the generation of the forever young. We foster lifestyles.

We bring people together around passions. We build genuine connexions. 

We will never stop to produce experiences that spark thrills and beaming smiles that make our generation’s heart beat .

We create meaningful connexions,
fueled by passion.





Protecting the Environment and Our Winters: Sustainable Strategies for Our Events

22 April 2024 / By vanessa

In our latest blog post “3 Tips to Optimize Winter Event Production,” we discussed the challenges associated with outdoor event production during the cold season. After a winter season filled with challenges brought by Mother Nature, it’s crucial to address the close link between event organization and climate change.

3 Tips to Optimize Winter Event Production

5 April 2024 / By cecilia

Winter gatherings represent a unique opportunity to strengthen community bonds and celebrate. As the days shorten and temperatures drop, these gatherings foster a sense of belonging that transcends the cold outside. However, organizing an outdoor event isn’t for everyone; it requires skillfully navigating icy conditions and braving the cold, especially…

5 Things to Know About Planning an Event in the United States

1 November 2023 / By audreane

Organizing an event in the United States can be a stimulating experience, but one that comes with its own set of challenges. Even if it’s only a few hours from the border, there are many differences from state to state, and the impact on your events can be significant. After…

Skateboarding Cities: Inspiring Urban Development, Community Engagement, and Economic Growth Worldwide

19 July 2023 / By audreane

Skateboarding has evolved from a subculture to a global phenomenon, and cities around the world are beginning to recognize the value of investing in their skateboarding communities. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why cities should consider allocating resources and support to develop skateparks and engage with…

JACKALOPE expands to Virginia Beach 🇺🇸

18 April 2023 / By jean

TRIBU and the City of Virginia Beach are pleased to announce the first edition of the JACKALOPE VIRGINIA BEACH 2023 Festival. Canada’s largest action sports festival is coming to the U.S. for the first time from June 2 to 4, 2023 in Virginia Beach. During these 3 days, JACKALOPE…

JACKALOPE action sports festival comes roaring back to Montreal and is being exported to the United States

7 June 2022 / By audreane

JACKALOPE, presented by Videotron, the biggest action sports festival in Canada, takes over the Esplanade of the Olympic Park in MONTREAL, from August 19 to 21. Some 500 male and female athletes from 20 countries will be flexing their muscles, skills and creativity during the street skateboard, bouldering…

The Mountain bike’s Super Bowl lands in Quebec City

10 May 2022 / By audreane

Mountain biking in Quebec is a booming market that includes 1.1 million enthusiasts where nearly half are young people aged between 18 and 34 years old. This sport has increased by nearly 500,000 people over the past 5 years. The truth is, mountain biking centers in Quebec have never been…

2022 Winter Olympics: what you need to know in 3 minutes

2 March 2022 / By audreane

The Beijing Olympic Winter Games (OG) have officially closed. They took place from February 4th to February 20th 2022 and featured no less than 215 Canadian athletes who impressed fans around the world. Just a few days into the competition, the Canadian delegation had already won a dozen medals, including…

How to reach new audiences with TikTok?

30 November 2021 / By audreane

TikTok’s growing popularity in recent years makes it an important social media that can no longer be overlooked when a brand wants to establish its presence on the Internet. With more than a billion active users, as of September 2021, the Chinese-born app offers lots of opportunities, whether organic or…

5 things to know when planning events during the COVID-19 pandemic

25 October 2021 / By audreane

The event industry is probably one of the most dynamic. In fact, few industries face as many changes and challenges as this one. Additionally, it had to adapt greatly to the uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the measures the government has taken to control the transmission of the…

From the streets to the 2021 Olympics : the impact of new sports on the audience

26 August 2021 / By audreane

3 min read Barely over, the Tokyo Olympics have already marked the minds of fans across the world, especially those who’ve been patiently waiting to see sports like skateboarding, climbing and surfing make their Olympic debut. Enjoying growing popularity in recent years, these sports have proven to be a good…

Green influencers, the future of the planet…and marketing

12 August 2021 / By cecilia

5 minutes read The intergovernmental panel on climate change is adamant in its latest report: ‘’Life on Earth can recover from major climate change by evolving into new species and creating new ecosystems…Humanity cannot’’. The new generation grew up in a state of ecological alarmism, which is a good thing.

10 years of dreams realized

25 November 2020 / By nicolas

5 minute read This month, Tribu celebrates its 10th anniversary. While we can’t bring you together to celebrate, we look back each week on the most epic adventures through the eyes of those who have accompanied us: festival-goers, athletes, partners or team members. Over the past few weeks, we have…


21 December 2023 / By admin

Visit Mississauga is pleased to announce that it will host the JACKALOPE action sports festival for the first time ever from July 12 to 14, 2024 at Mississauga’s Celebration Square and Square One Shopping Centre. JACKALOPE will return to Mississauga in 2025 and 2026. Thrill-seeking audiences will be…

10th anniversary – From the backyard to the major leagues

3 December 2020 / By nicolas

7 minute read Who says a skateboarder living the life of the party can’t become an organized entrepreneur? Because that’s exactly what happened with Micah Desforges, founder and president of the Tribu. In our previous articles, we explained that Tribu was a story of passion, dreams…

10 years of surpassing oneself

19 November 2020 / By nicolas

6 minute read This month, Tribu celebrates its 10th anniversary. While we can’t bring you together to celebrate, we look back each week on the most epic adventures through the eyes of those who have accompanied us: festival-goers, athletes, partners or team members. Last week, we went back to…

10 years of events inspired by passion

11 November 2020 / By nicolas

4 minute read This month, Tribu celebrates its 10th anniversary. While we can’t bring you all together to celebrate, we’ll look back each week on the most epic adventures through the eyes of those who have accompanied us: festival-goers, athletes, partners and team members. Tribu, it is above all a…

How a guy seduced the whole world with a skateboarding video

20 October 2020 / By nicolas

4 minute read Do you know 420doggface208? If so, you’re probably one of his 4 million subscribers on TikTok or you’ve seen his legendary post that propelled him to global stardom. Nathan Apodaca wasn’t expecting to experience such emotions when he published this video.

Influence on social networks: Knowing how to detect the fake from the real one

29 September 2020 / By nicolas

6 minute read Last week, we discussed the awareness of some people following the release of the documentary The Social Dilemma. This week we help you make relevant choices in your strategies on social networks. Social networks were initially created to share your daily life (the real…

The Social Dilemma : the consequences

23 September 2020 / By nicolas

6 minute read The Social Dilemma documentary on Netflix hit like a ton of bricks. So much so that many decided to withdraw from social networks to deepen their awareness. “If you don’t pay for the product, you are the product.” From the very beginning of the feature film, this…

Urban exodus: 4 fashionable places in Quebec

17 September 2020 / By nicolas

4 minute read If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that teleworking is a real possibility for a large majority of the population. What’s more, employers are beginning to understand that they can potentially save money by allowing their employees to work from home. This means that…

Why are young people converging to the mountains and the sea ?

10 September 2020 / By nicolas

6 minute read A lot has been said about millenials. Spoiled, lazy, problems with authority. It has also been deemed as the «burnout generation» by BuzzFeed a year and a half ago. Being a millenial myself, I can say all of the above pretty much makes sense with me,…

Summer 2020 : The Rise of Outdoor Sports

3 September 2020 / By nicolas

5 minute read The pandemic has disrupted the plans of many young athletes and their parents. In fact, the pandemic has disrupted the plans of quite a few people who love to move. Across the globe, sports associations and schools have had to postpone activities related to team sports to…

Keys to organizing an event in times of pandemic

25 August 2020 / By nicolas

4 minute read Life can finally return to some semblance of normal rhythm. Since the beginning of August, the Quebec government has authorized the presence of 250 people for events in public places. This means that organizers can start planning music and dance shows, sports competitions, conferences, and more. But…

JACKALOPE and Videotron, it goes on!

19 August 2020 / By nicolas

4 minute read JACKALOPE and Videotron is a love story that’s not about to end! A main partner since 2017, Videotron will continue the adventure with us for the next three years.  Despite the circumstances, the festival continues its mission by creating a new digital experience : JACKALOPE.TV.  Thanks…

3 secrets for building brand loyalty among athletes

13 August 2020 / By nicolas

4 minute read Choosing a pair of shoes is not an easy task. You’ve probably already found yourself standing in front of a mirror in a shoes store for long minutes with a different shoe in each foot. During this fateful moment, you are certainly asking yourself these two questions:…

5 mistakes not to make when using extreme sports photos

3 August 2020 / By nicolas

4 minute read Photography is an art. It is difficult to criticize the work of a photographer, since the quality of an image is relative depending on who looks at it. However, in the world of extreme sports, it is a bit more tricky and there are some basic rules…

Digital Content Creation : Is the user-generated content a trusted source?

28 July 2020 / By nicolas

5 minute read Ten years ago, it was almost impossible for a young skater to get noticed by sponsors if he or she didn’t have a friend with a camera or if he or she didn’t participate in the big competitions. But in the last decade, technology has made a…

How did sports content help brands during the pandemic?

21 July 2020 / By nicolas

5 minute read Coronavirus has hit the sports industry hard. Since March, the majority of sports leagues have suspended their activities, several disciplines have been banned indefinitely and many companies are now in a predicament. But against all odds, some brands saw their popularity grow considerably during confinement due to…

The event is reinventing itself: New trends or ephemeral solutions?

15 July 2020 / By jeremie

5 minutes read Let’s face it, pandemic and events don’t go well together. We’ve been in this industry for almost a decade and, as with many colleagues, we all agree that we are facing a challenging year. Luckily, knowing how to adapt to last-minute changes is one of the most…

Tourism in times of pandemic: How do cities plan to rebound?

9 July 2020 / By jeremie

4 minute read The Pandemic may have taken us by surprise, but Canadians are still dreaming about their holidays. From July 19 to August 1, 2020 inclusively, the famous construction holiday will begin and thousands of people will set out to conquer the regions. The need to get away is…

Five new trends be aware of about vacations in a post COVID-19 context.

2 July 2020 / By yann

 5 minute read Photo : Jérémie Perreault If nothing will ever be the same after the COVID-19 virus, the desire to go on vacations still remains. In 2019, 41% of the millenials did go for a trip of at least one night and despite the official figures not being…

Understand the growth of Esports in 5 minutes

23 June 2020 / By yann

 5 minute read Six Invitational 2020 – Photo Pat Beaudry “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” said French author Victor Hugo. Despite him being gone and therefore not able to play Rainbow Six or any other video game, he would probably agree…

Why are people craving for sports content?

16 June 2020 / By yann

4 minute read Cody Matechuk & Catherine Vaillancourt Photo by JF SAVARIA / JUMP OFF at JACKALOPE MTL 2019   Among the numerous sectors affected by the COVID 19, professional sports was no exception. However, the tv stations whose daily jobs are to broadcast sports…

Love Letter to the Millennials

9 June 2020 / By yann

4 minutes read Photo: Yeshi Kangrang via unsplash Dear millennial, This letter is for you but we are putting it online because we want to pay homage to you. Because you are an inspiration and a motivation. There is so much to say about you and…

The growing power of video content

22 May 2020 / By yann

The world is changing and evolving at a rapid pace and especially lately with the health crisis. Let’s look at some figure. According to a Zenith forecast, the average time spent online will increase by 19% between 2019 and 2021 by going from a daily 84 minutes to 100 minutes. Accordingly, the resources will follow the trend and the amount of money spent online would increase by 35% during the same period going from 40 billion to 61. 

Update COVID-19

16 April 2020 / By cecilia

We have all been going through a lot of turmoil over the last couple of weeks. The cancellation of several sporting events is a major blow to players in the industry. Tribu takes COVID-19 risks very seriously, the health and safety of participants, athletes, employees and partners who have always…

Holding on to summer vibes

26 September 2019 / By cecilia

We are all trying to reconnect with ourselves and with our emotions. This summer, we offered experiences to meet all your moods : thrill seekers, hard workers looking for some peaceful moments, party people, curious and reckless people… Take a break from the Back to school madness and take a…


22 May 2019 / By cecilia

We have a list of exciting events for you to add to your summer bucket list: The Red Bull Pit Stop Challenge is back! From late April to early June, customers of 13 Couche-Tard convenience stores across the province will get the chance to change tires of an authentic…


21 May 2019 / By cecilia

JACKALOPE is back at the Montreal Olympic Stadium from August 16 to 18! We’re working hard to bring you a 8th edition filled with surprises and new events. Fans of good vibes and adrenaline, book your weekend and be sure to follow us for news to come very…

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