Season 2
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The project

JACKALOPE.TV is a free video platform accessible to all, created by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

The second season was made possible thanks to the trust of our partner Videotron who presented 2 web series, and the addition of exclusive content for Mont Adstock, Estski and the International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

The experience

In this second season, JACKALOPE TV brings together epic adventures that highlight different local and international action sports communities.

  • Season 2 of Skate District, which showcases the most active communities and best street skateboarding spots across Quebec
  • Up Next series presents 3 Quebec talents who are legends in the making
  • Black Sparrow, a skateboarder from Quebec, decided to travel to California and film a skateboarding trip in LA and Vegas, all by himself. It’s the first skateboarding movie self-filmed with a 360° camera.
  • Our teams went on a skate trip to Miami with our JACKALOPE UP NEXT 2021 tour winner Johnny Purcell. They participated in the Miami Open at Lot 11 skatepark. Street skateboarding, alligator hunting, bars and nightlife, good food and swimming in Miami Beach were part of the trip.
  • Estski produced the first Freeride competition in the East, the 3 stages of the Tour are documented exclusively on JACKALOPE TV
  • We gathered 6 winter experts for a 6 to 6 at Mont Adstock, with the goal of making this little-known playground known, a well-hidden treasure that has many strings to its bow for winter season enthusiasts
  • Athletes Lysanne Richard and Yves Milord brilliantly performed two synchronized high dives from a height of 25 meters from two hot air balloons in full flight. The realization of this world record was done during the International Balloon Festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Catch the best moments from the journey and dives of athletes Lysanne Richard and Yves Milord here:

MTL Skate District made a comeback with the season 2.

Watch the first episode of Skate District Season 2 :

The results ?

525K views + 2.8M impressions
the second year
3 web series
15 episodes
10 blogposts