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The project

Tribu Expérientiel as been mandated for the conception and production of the 35th edition of the ‘’Great evening of stars’’ for the Foundation of stars and their spokesperson Maripier Morin whose mission is to raise funds for research on childhood diseases. The goal was to revisit this event to reach even more people wishing to get involved in this cause, for the occasion the codes of the traditional ball were revisited to create an experience full of surprises.

The experience

On Friday, March 29th, attendees headed to the Dominion Warehouses in Montreal to participate to Terces an evening full of mystery, starting with the venue kept secret until the last moment. This atmosphere transported them to Prohibition days, a time when people would gather in secret to celebrate and drink. They had the chance to enjoy casino tables, music show, cocktails in a speakeasy ambiance. As the evening progressed it suddenly revealed its second face, moving from a ” prohibition ” theme to a colorful ‘’neon’’ theme full of music. The guests enjoyed a private show of Milk & Bone followed by Dj Tizi and Dj Kleancut.


410 attendees
1 evening
2 vibes