TRIBAL La série

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The project

Despite COVID-19’s consequences in the summer of 2020, the Tribal Fest team (a summer festival organized by Événements Nature Shawinigan and sponsored by Tourisme Shawinigan) was keen to bring the Shawi experience to life and continue to promote the little gems of the region at a time when local tourism is stronger than ever.

Thanks to the support of Decathlon Canada, that’s how we created Tribal, La Série.

The experience

Creation of tailor-made content, highlighting the known and unknown assets of the beautiful region of Shawinigan. The series allows you to discover three must-see places that make Shawi so rich, through three sports highlighting passionate communities. Three tailor-made episodes to inspire all those looking for balance and experiences.

The episodes

The results ?

4 episodes
to highlight Shawinigan
the first month
13K engagements
with the content
145K people reached
across the province