JACKALOPE action sports festival comes roaring back to Montreal and is being exported to the United States

JACKALOPE, presented by Videotron, the biggest action sports festival in Canada, takes over the Esplanade of the Olympic Park in MONTREAL, from August 19 to 21.

Some 500 male and female athletes from 20 countries will be flexing their muscles, skills and creativity during the street skateboard, bouldering and breaking competitions, not to mention freestyle motocross, BMX and BASE jump demonstrations. We will also be going on a skatepark and bouldering gym TOUR across Canada to scout new young talent that may be invited to compete with the big kids in Montréal.

“JACKALOPE has been headlining skateboard and bouldering since its inception. And now that these disciplines were introduced to the public during the last Olympic Games, we hope to see even more local talent grow,” said Micah Desforges, JACKALOPE President and Founder. “Our mission has always been to put action sports in the spotlight by creating opportunities for the community to come together, celebrate their passion and take it to the next level.”

Proof that the brand is going international, JACKALOPE will see its concept exported to the United States from June 2 to 4, 2023. Well established on the urban platform of the Olympic Park Space for the past 10 years, JACKALOPE will also be presented on the warm sand of a beach near Neptune Park at VIRGINIA BEACH for a period of three years. With JACKALOPE, we are also sponsoring several international skateboarding events – in London, Miami, New York, Prague, etc. – giving the best skateboarders the chance to compete in the world’s best skateboarding events. We are also sponsoring several international skateboarding events – in London, Miami, New York, Prague, etc. – giving the best athletes from all over the world the chance to come to Montreal in August to perform. Until then, we continue to broadcast original content and epic adventures through JACKALOPE on our TV platform and BLOG.

“We are honored to have been chosen by Canada’s top action sports community as the host city for the 2023 Jackalope Fest, said Nancy Helman, director of Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau. “This action-packed event brings with it a lot of fun and excitement for both participants and spectators, and we’re thrilled to welcome skateboarders, BASE jumpers, breakdancers, boulderers, surfers, BMX riders and more from around the world to Virginia Beach.”

“This Virginia Beach partnership is a milestone in the company’s history that gives us the chance to build a worldwide JACKALOPE competition network with Montréal as the epicentre,” added Micah Desforges. “With the wide range of experiences JACKALOPE offers here and internationally, we’ll see Montréal in a totally different light. And Montréal may just become the adrenaline junkie capital!”



New this year: a live webcast of the event that gives the public an inside peek at the finals of each discipline.

SKATEBOARD. JACKALOPE presents its hugely popular and highly-anticipated street competition, which is recognized by the Skateboarding World Cup. Kids 13 years of age and younger can have their moment of glory during competitions created specifically for them. The public can also expect plenty of jaw-dropping moments as they watch a demonstration by world-renowned professional athletes Elliot Sloan, Mitchie Brusco and Jimmy Wilkins on the ramp. The athletes have 13, 12 and 8 X-Games medals respectively to their name.

BOULDERING. The competition kicked it up another notch, becoming the only Canadian stop in the North American Cup Series (NACS).

BREAKING. New this year, JACKALOPE will be shining the spotlight on breaking as part of the Canadian Championships.

BASE JUMP. While they usually jump from the Olympic Stadium, this year the BASE jump athletes will be leaping from a construction crane over 90 metres (300 feet) tall before landing in the festival’s VIP zone.

MOTOCROSS. Canadian athlete Christian Martinez and her group will be making everyone’s adrenaline spike with her mind-blowing acrobatics.

BMX. Kevin Fabregue,  Jeffrey Whaley and Maxime Chalifour, three athletes who grew up in Montréal and toured with the Cirque du Soleil’s Volta show for five years will be performing at JACKALOPE. Ever since BMX became an Olympic Game sport, all three have joined their respective national teams and compete worldwide.

JACKALOPE MONTRÉAL also features non-stop DJ shows and Québec hip hop music performances, pop up shops, food trucks and the chance to have a total blast in a totally different way.


JACKALOPE MONTRÉAL is presented by Vidéotron, in collaboration with GURU, ARC’TERYX, SWATCH and PABST, and with the participation of Empire, Consignaction, SPIN and Allez Up. These competitions are sanctioned by Climbing Canada, Breaking Canada and World Cup Skateboarding. JACKALOPE MONTRÉAL, an initiative of Tribu Expérientiel and of l’Association des sports d’Action (ASA). An invitation from Parc olympique, Tourisme Montréal, Gouvernement du Québec and Ville de Montréal.