JACKALOPE and Videotron, it goes on!

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JACKALOPE and Videotron is a love story that’s not about to end! A main partner since 2017, Videotron will continue the adventure with us for the next three years. 

Despite the circumstances, the festival continues its mission by creating a new digital experience : JACKALOPE.TV.  Thanks to the support of the telecommunications company, we will be able to produce exclusive content for adrenaline and action sports fanatics!

Photo : Yann Roy
Athlete : Tony Hawk, Andy Macdonald, Paul-Luc Ronchetti

A partnership focused on experience, since 2017

In previous editions, Videotron has helped the JACKALOPE festival grow rapidly and attract big names from the sports world.

”We are extremely pleased that Videotron is renewing our strategic partnership so that we can continue to create events and content for adrenaline junkies” said Micah Desforges, President and Founder of Tribu Expérientiel. This partnership gives us the boost we need to pursue our mission of promoting action sports. Thanks in particular to Videotron’s participation, we have been fortunate enough to welcome Tony Hawk and Bob Burnquist to Montréal over the past few years!”

In addition to attracting world-class athletes, Videotron also helped us enhance the festival experience and produce exclusive content.

JACKALOPE: a hybrid experience

As you now know, the 2020 edition of the JACKALOPE festival was cancelled because of the context of COVID-19 and the position of the Government of Quebec prohibiting the holding of events until August 31, 2020. But we certainly weren’t going to mope.

Imagining more and more experiences to continue to spread the word about action sports, their communities and their culture has always been the mission of the team, which is not one to give up so easily.

Photo : Dan Mathieu
Athlete : JS Lapierre

That’s how JACKALOPE.TV was born, a new free video platform accessible to all, created by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts.

”In the past, we’ve always put a lot of energy into the festival and the various events we’ve been working on,” says Micah Desforge. So we wanted to renew ourselves by launching this platform that will allow us to make young people and adults with young hearts dream through sports content.”

This platform, which will continue to offer exclusive content even after the return from the events, will also serve as a springboard for JACKALOPE for the 10th anniversary of the festival.

“We are looking forward to 2021 as we celebrate our tenth anniversary. With JACKALOPE.TV, we continue to enhance the experience through new partnerships, shine a spotlight on the athletes and most importantly, we will allow people to travel through the content.” 

Photo : Dan Mathieu
Athlete : Ivan Monteiro

As of August 19, Internet users will have access to two web-series on JACKALOPE.TV.

The Montreal Skate District series, an original JACKALOPE production, will allow us to discover the most beautiful places to skateboard in Montreal through a challenge that pits 4 local athletes against each other. Each will have one day to defend his or her neighborhood.

To win, they will have to perform the most technical tricks in the places of their choice, and we will make them discover their little secrets about life in this district.

Climbing and BASE jumping, other JACKALOPE flagship disciplines will also be on the programme for the coming series, as well as other adrenaline-packed disciplines.

More details on the partnership here.