Love Letter to the Millennials

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Photo: Yeshi Kangrang via unsplash

Dear millennial,
This letter is for you but we are putting it online because we want to pay homage to you. Because you are an inspiration and a motivation. There is so much to say about you and even if the generation that follows you is amazing too, we wanted to dedicate this one to you because you never cease to amaze us. You are special, unique always on the move and you know what you want. Many are asking: «  How can I make a good impression on millenials? How can I reach them? What do they respond to? What do they believe in? How can I help them? How can I get their attention when you are always on the lookout for your next adventure? »


Spiderman’s uncle Ben pronounced these words:  « With great power comes great responsibility. » We know too well that you do not need to be reminded of your responsibilities. You are already taking things in your own hands and you want to see the environmental issue taken seriously just as much as you want racial and sexual discrimination to be dealt with. You are dynamic, you have noble ideals, you have a great vision of the future but you are also grounded in the present world. The reason why uncle Ben’s quote was mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph is to underline you power, your impact and your reach. You may not be more important than the other generations but you are certainly superior in number. This has huge consequences.

Since the month of July 2019, you are the largest demographic group in most countries and notably in North America. It is important to notice that you will maintain this advance on other generations for many years. Since you are now all allowed to vote and far from retiring, you are the number one electoral group to persuade and you represent half of the active population as well as one person out of three in the whole world. That is a big deal. It means that you are the one everybody wants to seduce. Politicians and corporations not only want your vote or business, they want your approval because they know how influential you can be with your abilities at social networking.

People will try to please you but you are not easily impressed and you do not lose sight of your moral compass. The way you give your attention to corporate accountability forces them to evolve to a marketing that is more sustainable which supports communities and social matters. You no longer buy into the slogans thrown at you and you like to do your research among other consumers like you. You are no longer falling for the old tactics because you are aware of the psychological and technological tools that are used. You know what you want and you feel free. You play a very important role in this world because your behavior influences corporations to act differently.

For all these reasons, it’s an honour and a privilege to work on a project that makes you proud.

Thanks to you and for you, every day we have fun, we grow, we learn .We share the same values.. The world is evolving very fast but one thing that will not change so soon is your leadership. More than ever, it is your turn to speak up, to take important decisions and we are right there with you for the ride.

In the current context where the whole world is in great upheaval, we believe more than ever that it is important to continue to challenge oneself, to get inspired, to have fun and to stay connected. It is not an end, it is a new beginning that is up to us to build together. The adventure is just beginning and no matter the challenges, we will find ideas to make you live unforgettable moments.

This is what we wanted to tell you. We hope you have a wonderful day. See you soon in person or online. 🙂

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