Beneva x National Bank Open

Sponsorship Activation
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The Project

For the 2023 edition of the Montreal National Bank Open (August 4th to 13th), we were commissioned by Beneva to design a 360-degree brand experience. Showcasing the brand’s values and narrative, our turnkey project included the creation and execution of the Beneva Balcony and an Outdoor Activation Space.

Our approach encompassed a pre-event contest, an on-site immersive experience, and the production of post-event content for lasting resonance.

The Experience

With the goal of positioning Beneva as the ultimate benevolent brand, the focal point of our ideation places the human element at the center of the experience.

We implemented a pre-event contest aimed at gathering leads from potential clients. Participants were encouraged to take action by signing up and contributing content. The incentive to participate was the chance to win an exclusive spot at the Beneva Balcony. This initiative generated engagement and attracted a qualified audience ahead of the event.

The on-site activation sought to immerse visitors in the world of Beneva, positioning them as key players in positive actions within the tennis community. Titled “Les Bons Échanges Beneva,” this initiative highlighted values such as solidarity, empathy, creativity, and conviviality.

Through this concept, we encouraged positive interactions by organizing an interactive game between two participants. The goal was to recognize the outstanding contributions of five volunteer committees that played a crucial role in the success of the NBO. In exchange for their services, festival-goers were invited to participate in interactive tennis matches to applaud the work of these volunteers.

The “Interactive Court of Beneva’s Good Exchanges” offered a playful and engaging experience. The interactive wall simulated a tennis court with illuminated indicators. Each time an indicator lit up, the player who reacted the fastest scored a point. This activity embodied the spirit of collaboration and recognition at the heart of the Beneva brand.

We produced content showcasing our actions during the event, presented through a REEL video and a summary. These positive initiatives towards the tennis community were amplified across various platforms.

Recap of the Beneva x National Bank Open sponsorship activation


10 days
of activation
14,253 interactions
over the 10 days
4,231 participations in the activation (interactive game)
in the activation (interactive game)
1,767 entries
in the Toronto 2024 contest