CITÉ DE GLISSE x Quebec Winter Carnival

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The Project

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Quebec Winter Carnival in style, we presented a unique experience to thousands of festival-goers. Cité de Glisse offered participants the opportunity to slide down slopes on the streets of Quebec City for the first time in the history of the Carnival. Adding to the festive atmosphere, it made quite the impression!

The Experience

Our team participated in the creation of the dream winter destination for families and sports enthusiasts, allowing participants to come together and have a good time while guaranteeing a memorable experience for the Quebec Winter Carnival.

Taking place over a period of four days and featuring four slopes connecting the upper town to the lower town, Cité de Glisse perfectly pictured the local culture, and was an invitation for all to come together and celebrate the pleasures of winter.

Let’s not forget the variety of options available to the sliders! Between inner tubes, three skis and alpine sleds, the adventurous were spoiled for choice. Thanks to our years in creating never-before-seen experiences and our love of winter sports, the first edition of Cité de Glisse overcame the temperature challenges, the public showed up in large numbers and the event kicked off the Quebec Winter Carnival festivities in a dazzling way.



4 days of sliding on 4 different sites
120 ambassadors