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The project

Glissades Gamelin is a FREE event that took place from January 25th to March 10th, 2024, in the heart of Montreal (Emile-Gamelin Square), inviting both experienced winter sports enthusiasts and beginners to play outdoors.

This event aims to establish downtown Montreal as a benchmark for urban winter sports.

Glissades Gamelin is produced by the Quartier des Spectacles, with financial support from the Ville-Marie borough, the City of Montreal, and Tourisme Montreal.

The Experience

For its inaugural year, the Quartier des Spectacles entrusted Tribu with several missions to provide a unique sliding experience in downtown Montreal, encouraging winter enjoyment and fostering cultural excitement during this period:

Establish downtown Montreal as a benchmark for urban winter sports with the creation of two sliding tracks (for beginners and more advanced) designed by Snotech in collaboration with Ambition Snowskate and Coastal Jib, as well as as free rental of snowskates and snow scooters.)

Create a welcoming environment by setting up outdoor relaxation and socialization spaces adapted to the cold, including “Après-Glisse,” where snacks, comforting dishes, and hot beverages are offered. Evening DJ sets are organized to heat up the dance floor.

Develop a strong common identity for winter activities in downtown Montreal: ensure that downtown Montreal becomes an iconic venue for year-end festivities by promoting its reputation locally and internationally.


Glissades Gamelin is the meeting point of sport and culture in the city during winter

Mr. Marc-André Carignan, Project Manager, Production and Development at the Quartier des Spectacles

The results?

2800 equipment rented
Throughout the duration of the event
26 days of activities
for a first edition