Guru x JACKALOPE Montreal 2022 Activation

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The project

During the JACKALOPE Montreal 2022, in partnership with GURU, Tribu developed an experiential marketing activation adapted to the Summer of Good Energy campaign and representing the atmosphere whose objective was to increase brand awareness and to communicate and educate consumers on the benefits and differentiators of GURU products.

The field experience was to benefit and promote the new “Summer of good energy” campaign:

This campaign marked an evolution towards a more inclusive brand in its approach and messaging.

Through this positioning, the intention behind the development of the 3 field experiences was to be at the forefront of a movement that spreads the authenticity of the “Good Energy” culture which, within the brand, represents the authentic values, attitudes and behaviors that form the basis of the GURU Nation’s brand and “Good Energy” movement.

Photo credit: Jaysson Gallant (left) and Mathieu Tranchida (right)

The experience

The first part of the concept proposed a sensory and immersive experience to help JACKALOPE festival-goers discover the origins of GURU products. On the second floor of a large container, decorated with plants and greenery, festival-goers could smell GURU products thanks to scent diffusers, touch and smell 4 major ingredients of the recipes as well as taste the products. On the second floor, the terrace area was located to enjoy the competitions.

In a second part, the activation was to provide athletes with physical wellness tools to prepare themselves mentally and physically for the various events of the competition. In a dedicated GURU Athletes World area, athletes had access to physiotherapists, stationary bikes to warm up, stretching tools, GURU cans, water, snacks and more.

VIP athletes also had access to a dedicated GURU area in the VIP tent with a view of the skatepark, snacks and drinks, a ping pong table and a lounge with TV and couches to watch the competitions live and on replay.

Photo credit: Jaysson Gallant (left) and Mathieu Tranchida (right)