Recreation - a short story of action

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The project

This series presents the work of Quebec videographers who follow athletes from all over America. This web series immerses you in the world of kayaking, highline, ski bum, bmx and surfing. Each episode explores a new artistic universe, detailing the challenges and downfalls of these athletes who defy the laws of gravity. The project highlights the creativity and inventiveness of these adrenaline junkies.

Episode no.1

Ski-bum – Louis-Charles Pilon
Last winter, Louis Charles Pilon traveled to Western Canada up to Whistler to follow the lives of some Quebec ”ski bums”. Saving their money to live the ”West dream”, they left Montreal with the ambition to discover the Mecca of skiing: incredible mountains, fresh snow, breathtaking landscapes. They made a video about passion, hard work and emotion.

Episode no.2

BMX – Alexandre Desjardins
Welcome to STRAY, a group of friends who “go all in” on BMX. Basically, STRAY represents the skate park located on rue Saint-Raymond in Gatineau, but over the years, this simple word has become a symbol of brotherhood. Accompanied by a young director, you can follow their adventures in Ottawa and elsewhere.

Episode 3

Surf – Simon-Pierre Côté
Simon-Pierre Côté has spent 4 months in the past 2 years in San Juan del Sur – Nicaragua for a shoot for the Barefoot Surfcamp. He managed to get epic surf and lifestyle footage starring laid-back Nicaraguan surfers.

Episode no.4

Skatemet – Thomas Fontaine
When the snow comes, you have to think outside the box if you want to put your skateboard on the ground. Ride with Vincent Croteau for a day in December as he escapes the elements during a guerrilla mission in the Montreal metro.

Episode no.5

Slackline – Tom Ravisé
Tom Ravisé followed a team of highliners like Julien Desforges, Anthony Boulay, Robert Thibault and Pierre Carillo. Through these sequences, they discovered highline paradise at Smith Rock OR, CA Yosemite National Park and Moab UT. His videos show several sequences, difficult journeys on beautiful outlines and breathtaking yoga movement sequences.

Episode no.6

Kayak en eaux vives – Louis-Philippe Rivest
Louis-Philippe Rivest is himself a passionate kayaker, this fall he filmed his whitewater kayaking adventure in Mexican canyons.