2022 Winter Olympics: what you need to know in 3 minutes

The Beijing Olympic Winter Games (OG) have officially closed. They took place from February 4th to February 20th 2022 and featured no less than 215 Canadian athletes who impressed fans around the world. Just a few days into the competition, the Canadian delegation had already won a dozen medals, including two in slopestyle, a discipline that was previously ignored by the Olympics, but has been a crowd pleaser since 2014.

What are the results for Canada at the Beijing Olympics ?

What international reach does action sports offer to Quebec?

What are the opportunities for companies?

All you need to know within 3 minutes is below.

The Beijing Olympics in 30 seconds

2874 athletes from 91 countries participated in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. They competed in 15 different disciplines, divided into 109 events.

Canada has sent a total of 215 athletes to represent the country. Many have impressed fans, including a few Quebecers participating in action sports, one of TRIBU’s flagship disciplines.

27 years old snowboarder from Cowansville, Maxence Parrot, took the excitement up a notch in the belle province, winning the gold medal in slopestyle, on February 7th. In the same event, his Saskatchewan teammate, Mark McMorris, won the bronze medal, completing the Canadian double.

Other Quebecers who have distinguished themselves so far in the same discipline include Eliot Grondin, in snowboard cross, who won the silver medal on February 10th, and Laurie Blouin, in snowboard slopestyle, who finished in the 4th place after a breathtaking performance. Parrot also completed its journey in China with a bronze medal in Big Air, just days after winning gold in slopestyle.

Canada completed the Winter Olympics with 26 appearances on the podium, including 4 gold medals.


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Quebecers under the spotlight

Parrot’s victory, 3 years after beating Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a rare form of cancer that has taken a toll on his fitness, has not gone unnoticed by the international media. In addition to a multitude of interviews with media outlets around the world following his breakthrough, he has been featured in many top magazines in the U.S., such as Sports Illustrated and NBC, as well as in Europe or India. Blogs with millions of followers have also shared his incredible story, such as NowThis and the Daily Beast.

The young prodigy’s impressive results are also a boon for his sponsor, the watch brand Swatch. Like the automotive brand Toyota, Swatch is an official partner of the Canadian team, including the creation of a limited edition Canada Snowboard.

With so much enthusiasm, it is obvious that sports that were previously neglected by the media, such as slopestyle snowboarding or skateboarding during the Summer Games, are now shining brightly and receiving wide coverage during such competitions.


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Opportunities to seize

These incredible results, even before the end of the Games, prove to what extent Quebec athletes deserve all the attention of the public, but also of the brands wishing to make a name for themselves in the field.

Whether by supporting events, sponsoring athletes, or participating in the construction of infrastructures for the development of the sport and its athletes, the opportunity for a company to work on its brand image and to make it shine through action sports is real and very interesting.

All across the province, from Mont-Tremblant to the Chics-Chocs, opportunities are emerging. In addition to the traditional ski mountains, there are many organizations who allow athletes to practice their passion in Quebec, such as the Maximise center in Saint-Sauveur or the Circuit Freeride Estski, which is working to set up a freeride competition circuit in Quebec, possibly giving athletes access to international competitions in the field. Along the same line, the Dillon Ojo rail park, installed in Montreal’s Olympic Park, has been attracting crowds since its opening on January 20th. Making this kind of infrastructure available to snowboarders, for example, can only be positive for their development, but also for Quebec sports in general.

These examples demonstrate that change is well underway in the Quebec scene, and opportunities are expected to multiply, both for athletes and for brands wishing to “think outside the box’’.

For the past 10 years, Tribu has been dedicated to building lasting relationships between brands and passionate communities, creating opportunities for them to shine.

Whether it’s through events or content creation, there are many opportunities to contribute to this evolution, and partner with the bright future of sports and athletes.


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Author: Vincent Dupont