Holding on to summer vibes

We are all trying to reconnect with ourselves and with our emotions.

This summer, we offered experiences to meet all your moods : thrill seekers, hard workers looking for some peaceful moments, party people, curious and reckless people…

Take a break from the Back to school madness and take a moment with us to relive the best
moments of summer 2019


Those who needed to spice up their summer joined us on the Olympic Park’s Esplanade for the 8th edition of our signature event. You were 15 000 to get your adrenaline dose with us.

We say it every year but we mean it when we say thank you for all the love you are giving us each time: it was EPIC.

If you missed it or if like us, you feel nostalgic :

Tribal fest 2019

Those who felt like gathering with authentic people and have some fun were in Shawinigan for the third edition of the Tribal Fest.

A full weekend in a great spot offering outdoor activities to see or to experience, live music and some of the finest breweries…

Plus this year, we’ve added a special ingredient : for the first time, our pro Base jumpers jumped from the top of the Cité de l’énergie tower, aiming at a target in the middle of the water!

See it again :


For some people, IRONMAN is about performing and surpassing yourself. For others, it is about cheering by sharing their love. We thought someone had to build a bridge between those two, because there is nothing more efficient than your close ones’ support to feel reboosted.

With TELUS, we were there to listen, record and display cheering videos, and it was full of emotions.

Onsite presents : Urban Bloc

We felt like Santa in July, we could see sparkles in people’s eyes thanks to OnSite who delivered the first natural and urban block climbing site in Canada on the Esplanade of Montreal Olympic Park.

This block climbing spot is open to all and is a permanent facility for Montrealers. No need to travel many miles to enjoy this popular sport anymore.

Sun Life : Le parcours simplement brillant

With Sun life, we got you to Breath in… Breath out… because we forget too often, thanks to yoga classes. Travelling in 7 cities through Quebec, we invited you to enjoy 5 essential elements for a perfect day. Wondering what are they ? Take a look.

Fresh news!

Tribu at Dragons’ den!

And now… suspense.
In May, Micah Desforges, our CEO, went to CBC studios in Toronto with one goal : get Dragons to experience a sample of adrenaline. You’re wondering if we received an offer ? Don’t miss the show this Thursday, September 26th, on CBC at 9pm EDT or online right here!


JACKALOPE hit the road, destination : Truro, Nova-Scotia

JACKALOPE will hit the road in May 2020 for its first edition outside Montreal! The action sports festival will be in Nova Scotia from May 15th-17th with the legends, Tony Hawk and Mat Hoffman for a crazy vert demo! For more info, it’s right here!