B.Tech recognition event

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The project

On the occasion of the B-Tech Graduates recognition event held at ÉTS and online, we were mandated to make the experience more entertaining and support the storytelling of this day with video content.

Three objectives: to reinforce the feeling of belonging, to affirm the school’s recognition of a whole generation of pioneers, and to entertain the participants of the event.

The experience

To this end, we designed and produced two series of turnkey video vignettes, along with video versions to promote the initiative on social media.

We imagined and produced two concepts that evoked nostalgia and emotions from laughter to tears in the audience on the day of the event.

Concept 1 – It’s just between us

Quick interviews of a selection of pioneers, both on anecdotes from the corridor, or on outstanding moments or journeys that deserve to be highlighted.

Concept 2 – Handover

Formation of pairs for a guided tour in the Student Clubhouse.  The student of the class of 2022 invites one of the Club’s founders into the Club’s workshop to experience a clash of generations between the impressive prototypes made today VS the resources available in the Club’s infancy.


People didn’t say it to me directly but I know that some people called me Croc. Croc…Odile 🙂

Odile Boisjoli

The results?

10 video capsules
200 attendees
The highlight: the broadcast of the videos