Marathons Activation

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The project

With its new entity, Beneva wants to ensure its leadership role in the insurance and financial industries by affirming its identity and values: Beneva is first and foremost people protecting people.

In 2022, Beneva becomes the title sponsor of the Montreal and Quebec City marathons. For the occasion, Tribu was responsible for the ideation, conceptualization, creation, production and field execution of the entire activation of both sponsorships (before, during and after).

The experience

We built our idea around the question: How to create a concrete impact on the well-being of participants before, during and after the races?

To answer this question, our teams talked to several athletes who have run one or more marathons, or are preparing to run one.

Before: Runner-to-runner advice through content creation

A run is a physical challenge, but the mind has a crucial role to play in this personal achievement. Eating well, sleeping well, following the program…it’s not everything. What are the secrets to overcoming the psychological challenges of running, especially the famous ‘psychological wall’?

To guarantee a ‘feel good’ marathon with Beneva, our ambassadors have shared their experiences in 3 video clips produced by Tribu, to help participants overcome the unexpected obstacles of a race.

During: Kindness at all levels

1-To those close to you

What could be better than a pat on the back from someone you care about when you are tired? Supporters and participants had the opportunity to record messages before and during the race, which were broadcasted at a strategic point of the course.

2-To oneself

The Beneva activation area was designed as a warm and welcoming space, strategically located at the finish line. Towels with ice, massage rollers, ventilation, misting, relaxation zones, all conducive to slowing down the pace and experiencing a moment of well-being to recover after the race.

3-To the planet

In order to position BENEVA as ambassadors of eco-citizen actions, for each race we have associated the brand with local plogging* ambassadors, in their initiative to collect urban waste on the course.

Recap of Beneva Marathons activations

The results?

22K+ participants in marathons
1155 messages of encouragement sent
18K+ interceptions