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Julien Gagnon – In the pros yard with Tony Hawk

Tribu planned and followed the pro skater Julien Gagnon through his conquer of the ”backside air finger flip” trick on the East Coast in order to produce a capsule for Videotron as part of the JACKALOPE 2018.

The results :

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Credits :

Planification & management : Tribu
Video : Tarzan
Client : Videotron

Combining sport and new technologies

This very unique project organized by Videotron & Tribu takes the traditional skateboard ramp and pushes it to another level. The installation transforms a relief surface, apparently traditional, into a technological terrain where visuals and technical effects are added to the tricks of the athletes. The visuals, inspired by retro video games from the 80s such as Pacman and Space Invaders, interact directly with the action of the riders by reacting to his movements and his figures using mapping and tracking technologies used on the ramp. Tribu orchestrated the production of this capsule, in collaboration with the Timecode Lab team, for its client, Videotron.

Planification & management : Tribu
Video : Timecode Lab
Client : Videotron