Six Invitational 2020

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The project

For a fourth year in a row, Tribu Expérientiel produced the Six Invitational, Ubisoft Montreal’s major events. The mandate covered scenography, design, creation of a mobile application and several other important elements. This event gathered the world’s 16 best Rainbow Six Siege team at Laval’s Place Bell for a fight for world champion title and a 1 million USD price along with the prestigious hammer trophy and also a total of 2 millions USD divided between the others qualified teams.

The experience

Between February 14th to 16th 2020, the participants had the chance to witness matches between the 8 best teams according to the preceding days’ qualification sessions and intense emotions on an incredible stage whose AV setup reacted to the gameplay to immerse spectators in the game’s universe. Sunday night’s grand final between Spacestation Gaming and Ninjas in Pyjamas took place in front of a packed audience who followed the match passionately until Spacestation Gaming raised the world champions’ hammer three hours later.

Aside from giving major exposure to the world’s best R6 teams, Six Invitational is also a celebration of the esports community that gravitates around Ubisoft Montreal’s work. Place Bell looked like a museum for the weekend to celebrate seven important actors of the R6 community. The participants also had the chance to enjoy numerous activities such as demo booths with an exclusive look at the new R6 season along with meet & greets with players, gaming talent and influencers.


Since this event happened, I have received nothing from praise from all over the company, including HQ. The branding, stage, and event overall, is being acclaimed as being the best event ever done not just for siege, but for Ubisoft as a company. No event ever created within Ubisoft has ever been this prestigious, or beautiful.

You delivered excellence.

Laure Gilbert / Product Manager – Ubisoft

The results

3 days
Laval’s Place Bell
16 worlds best teams
Rainbow Six Siege game
1 big winner
Spacestation Gaming
3 millions USD
to win
4000 participants
Sold Out event
30 millions views
On Twitch
Best Esports Event
By Canadian Game Awards