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Parcours Simplement Brillant
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The project

The ‘’Parcours Simplement Brillant’’ was created following Sun Life financial’s need to connect and exchange with Quebecers. To allow this this to happen, a colored and dynamic space was created by the Tribu team in partnership with Sun Life’s team. This concept was followed by a 12 week tour with 9 stops in different cities around the province and all the logistic was taken care of by our team.

The experience

For a weekend, the ‘’Parcours Simplement Brillant’’ was set up in popular places (festivals, public markets, etc.) to meet people by inviting them to take a break with the Sun Life squad. All kinds of activities were adapted for all ages and tastes; yoga sessions, local product tasting, live music and even the ‘’Dual’’ where they could test their knowledge to win 5000$ worth of financial products.